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Outdoor adventures Featured Image

Outdoor adventures Featured Image

From kayaking to paddleboard yoga, there is no shortage of outdoor fun in and around the Benicia Waterfront.

Alvarez 9th Street Park provides nearby BBQing options, a beautiful red playground set against the backdrop of the Carquinez Strait, easy access to the water for paddleboards, a boat launch, and a fishing pier.

Dog-Friendly Fun

Dogs are allowed to swim in the water off-leash at the First Street Beach, below the Promenade that heads to the pier.  Keep your pup on a leash as you stroll down First Street until you reach the beach, but once there, let your dog run free!

Strolling the Marina

The Benicia Marinprovides a beautiful, scenic walking or cycling path for all ages.

With hundreds of boats docked on one side of the path, and a line of willow trees along the other, there’s no better way to relax and rejuvenate as you take in the sunshine.

The Marina is located along the waterfront between East Second and East Fifth streets, and an easy walk to and from the shopping, dining, spas, nightlife and visitor centers on First Street.

Scenic Picnics

Benicia offers the perfect combination of restaurant cuisine to-go and scenic spots to sit down and enjoy your meal with a gentle waterfront breeze. Here are some choice spots:

First Street Green

Located at the end of First Street, this large grassy area is surrounded by Benicia’s waterfront, palm trees and the historic Southern Pacific Train Depot. There’s plenty of room to lay out a blanket, picnic spread, and throw a frisbee or fly a kite.

If you’re visiting with your furry best friend, dogs are allowed to swim in the water off-leash at the beach below the Promenade and also the beach at the bottom of First Street on the backside of the turnaround.

Marina Green

As you walk along the Benicia Marina, you will notice a beautifully-manicured grassy area with benches. Set up underneath the willow trees and enjoy the bay breeze while looking out at the rows of boats docked at the Marina.

Benicia is filled with great options for scenic picnics! Here are some of the best.


Famed author Jack London spent time fishing in the Carquinez Strait, and for good reason. There’s no place easier to get started, just take your tackle box and your reel down to the water, and start fishing!

Depending on the time of year, Benicia offers prime shore fishing for white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus), starry flounder (Platichthys stellatus), striped bass (Morone saxatilis), and salmon!

There are miles of easily accessible shoreline, and every piece of it holds some kind of fish. Fishermen tend to congregate for socializing along the waterline at Dillon’s point in the Benicia State Recreation Area, or off the First Street Pier.

For more up to date information from the California Delta Fishing Report, click here, or check out the Benicia Bait and Tackle at 509 Claverie Way.

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