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Artisan foods in Santa Rosa

Artisan Foods

We take artisan foods to the next step, not only do we grow our own food, we turn our bounty into everyday items.  Olive oil goes hand in hand with wine growing and farming and you can enjoy olive oil tours and tastings.  We create our own spices like Berkman’s Spices, and have our own honey like Hector’s Honey or Lavender Beer Farm.  Kozlowski Farms creates jams, preserves and jellies along with fresh pies and tarts.  For chocolate lovers we have Fleur Sauvage Chocolates, Volo chocolate and Farm Chocolate just to name a few.  For vegetarians, did you know Amy’s Kitchen was founded in Sonoma County?

Of course, we are also about fun food and snacks, how about Comet Corn, Golden Kettle Corn, Smashmallow, Sabor Mexicano tortilla chips or Cheese O’s baked snacks for that late night craving?

Farm to Table 

Requesting a table near the farm is easy in Sonoma County.  In fact, terroir can be used to define growing the finest and freshest foods not just grapes.  Sonoma County’s geography, climate and soil are perfect for our farmers, fresh produce is available year-round and meeting the farmers is easy here.  Check out one of our year-round or seasonal farmers markets

We also raise our own cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys.  If seafood is more your style, check out our Dungeness crab, salmon or local oysters harvested fresh from the ocean.  If you want to connect with some of Sonoma County’s farmers, ranchers, and producers, check out our Farm Trails

If cheese is your thing, we have that covered too.  Not only can you eat world class cheese, you can meet the artisan cheesemakers and family farmers that create such a wonderful collection.  Try one of our cheesemaking classes or tours, to find our more or to create your own tour go to. Cheese Trail Map

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